The Story


The Fantastic Family Whipple is the story of Arthur Whipple—the only non-record breaker in the Most World-Record-Breaking Family on Earth.

A typical meal at the Whipple estate might consist of the World’s Largest Piece of French Toast, delivered to the table via helicopter. Whipple family pastimes include playing the accordion nonstop for seven days straight and launching model rockets piloted by hamsters. And yet, Arthur Whipple has not broken a single world record to date. He strives to join his siblings in the pages of Grazelby’s Guide to World Records & Fantastic Feats by constantly performing world record attempts (such as Longest Time Without Blinking and Most Consecutive Bullwhip Cracks While Balancing a Milk Bottle on Head), but he can never quite seem to break them, much to the disappointment of his bewildered family. Still, he just might be their only hope.

When the Whipples suffer a series of catastrophes which appear to be the result of a mysterious family curse, it is up to Arthur to solve the mystery and save his family from impending doom—as he struggles all the while to earn his first world record and prove himself worthy of the Whipple name…

Meet The Whipples

Charles Whipple


First Man to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Entirely on Stilts

Eliza Whipple


Most Babies Birthed at Once

Henry Whipple

Age: 18

First Rear Tornado Whip-Twist in Freestyle
Penny-Farthing Competition

Simon Whipple

Age: 14

Longest Continuous Time Playing an Accordion

Cordelia Whipple

Age: 13

Most International Foot Archery Tournament Wins

Arthur Whipple

Age: 12

[Not Applicable]

Penelope Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Most Fireflies Employed in
Spelling Out a Floating Message

Edward Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Youngest Person to Summit Kanchenjunga (world’s third-highest mountain)

Charlotte Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Fastest Family Portrait Painted on the Head of a Pin

Lenora Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Highest Note Ever Sung in Live Performance

Franklin Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Youngest Captain to Helm a Frigate

Abigail Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Youngest Individual to Live a Month with a Wolf Pack

Beatrice Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Most Frankfurters Eaten in One Minute

George Whipple

Age: 5–Octuplet

Longest Time to Hang an Unsupported Spoon from Nose

Ivy Whipple

Age: 2

Highest Number of Matching Outfits
Worn by a Stuffed Toy and its Owner

Sammy “The Spatula” Smith

House Chef

Largest Birthday Cake Ever Baked

Wilhelm von Kleve

House Butler

Most National Strongman
Competitions Won by a German

The Dwarf & The Giant

Two Sinister Clowns

Greatest Height Reached By One Man
Thrown Into the Air By Another


An elephant in the Whipples’ care

World’s Largest Indian Elephant


A Great Dane in the Whipples’ care

Tallest Dog on Earth

Corporal Whiskerton

A hamster in the Whipples’ care

Highest Hamster-Piloted
Model-Rocket Launch Ever Recorded

Ruby Goldwin

Age: 12

(World Record Unknown)

The Goldwin Family

Most World Records in The Ardmore Almanac


A Komodo Dragon in the Goldwins’ care

World’s Largest Lizard

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