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Heaviest Human Newborn: 22 lbs., 7 oz.

Held by Roberto Babosa.

Birthed by Gabriela Babosa.

RIP Gabriela Babosa.

Most Teeth at Birth for a Human Baby: 16

Held by Abel Denton.

Sadly, Abel’s mother was forced to switch her child to bottle-feeding after only seventeen minutes, an effort for which she still bears the scars.

Highest Number of Shared Coincidental
Birth Dates in a Single Family: 14

Held by Charles & Eliza Whipple and twelve of their thirteen children: Henry, Simon, Cordelia, Penelope, Edward, Charlotte, Lenora, Franklin, Abigail, Beatrice, George, and Ivy.

Though Charles and Eliza were no doubt fond of each other before they discovered they shared the same birth date, the prospect of conquering the prestigious coincidental birth date record together can hardly have hindered their decision to wed.

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